Austria Vienna – Cukaricki (TIPS) 23-06-2016

by Amiet Jonas

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We are going to encourage with this pick for the friendly one of clubs, in which they face the Austria of Vienna with the Serbian Cukaricki.

Typical summer friendly match, in that they can find good quotas as this one.

Really I do not understand completely this so high quota, and think that it is usable. It is true that the Austria does not play with the most habitual, and that can think it with easing, but let’s remember that this team was playing champions a couple of years does, and that is one of the best of Austria. They take already three friendly ones, in which they have swept of the field his rivals. They removed the first one for 11-0 opposite to the Korneuburg of Austria also, 3-0 to the SV Spittal and 7-2 to the Teuta of Albania. It is true that none is a rival of entity, but nonetheless it demonstrates that these players have taken enserio these games, and that tomorrow does not have for that to be different.

As for Cukaricki, they remained third in the Serbian league, a result that it is not bad completely, but nonetheless they are lower than the Austria. They take three friendly ones also, the three with defeats, two before teams of Austria, which they are below the Austria of Vienna since It Admires. I think that they are bad in these friendly, and that though in his league they have not done badly paper, remains clear the level differences between a few leagues and others, where teams that remain worse in his leagues, you defeat without excessive difficulties.

I think that this quota is very good, and that undoubtedly it is necessary to take advantage of it. I do not know onces, and players since the rotations are constant in these games. But a priori, seeing both teams, and the games that the Austria takes, they look like to me motives of surplus for being optimists

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