Byttorps IF vs Sodra Vings IF Soccer Betting Tips

Byttorps IF vs Sodra Vings IF Soccer Betting TipsByttorps IF vs Sodra Vings IF Soccer Betting Tips

Byttorps IF, club of Swedish regionals that is in pre-season regime a and that continues to play private games in order to be prepared for the season ahead. In this friendly match, the home team ends up having some favoritism in front of Sodra Vings IF but I think the favoritism ends up being a little excessive

I would say that the Oddsmakers are giving a lot of importance to the home factor in this game and I think the match will be more complicated than what you can imagine. They are both teams from the same region, from the regionals and must balance here a lot in this particular game.

Sodra Vings IF, Sodra Vings IF is also still on pre-season playing private games so as not to lose the competitive pace despite the Swedish championship dates having been viewed and postponed for a few weeks.

However, they continue to train and play private games and here, in front of a team from the same region, they are looking for a positive result that does not lose against a team that is in a very approximate value and not as favorite as the odds on us. translate into what we can expect for the game.

Sodra Vings IF will be a tough team to beat.

Tip: I sincerely believe that this game will be discussed hand in hand with both teams balancing themselves a lot and in a large part of the game.

I expect goals, I think we can have 2 or 3 goals at least, but both teams must score goals and neither team will take off the scoreboard.

That’s why I liked this handicap favorable to visitors who can lose by one goal and that gives us a very comfortable safety margin here.

Byttorps IF vs Sodra Vings IF Soccer Betting Tips

I really like this bet because it has value and I would even risk saying that the visitors do not lose in this game. This line of handicap gives us more security and therefore I will be more cautious in this friendly.

Betting Tips: Sodra Vings IF AH +1.5
Odds: 1.42

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