CFR Cluj vs Celtic Betting Tips 07/08/2019

CFR Cluj vs Celtic Betting TipsCFR Cluj vs Celtic Football Betting Tips

Cluj’s home team welcome the Celtic Scots in a game that has to be applied in order not to go to Scotland to make a result to pass to the next round, and face a team that has started season with a 7-0 rout.

Cluj: Form of moment, last results, statistics

The Romanians come to this match with their championship running, and after 4 round they are second on second spot with 3 wins and 1 draw,

and despite their Champions League qualifying games, the team is well-rounded.

Favoritism is however spread slightly to the Scottish men side, however I expect more routine from the Romanian side despite the pre-season celtic men have played against capable teams.

A difficult game for either team.

Celtic: Form of moment, last results, statistics

The Scottish team is here at the Romanian house the bookmaker’s favorite, but I don’t see it that way, I explain,

The Scots will travel to Romania just 4 days after their home game, which they won 7-0.

However, the Celtic team have played 2 teams on their way to the Champions League, Sarajevo and Kalju, none of them of Romanian quality.

The Scots are not going to Romania to play open-breasted against a team that has quality despite tangible results at UCL.

I therefore expect a game where Celtic are comfortable with the draw and so do not expose themselves to conceding a goal and even if they concede a goal I do not expect them to go unkemptly after the result as they could well turn into a 1-0 home draw.

CFR Cluj vs Celtic Our Football Betting Tips Explained

Because of the motivation of going to UCL I hope the men of the house don’t lose in their stronghold and want to go to Scotland with an advantage, so I hope they don’t lose this game.

Bet Tips: Cluj or draw
Odds: 1.49

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