FC Minsk vs Dinamo Minsk Soccer Betting Tips

FC Minsk vs Dinamo Minsk Soccer Betting TipsFC Minsk vs Dinamo Minsk Soccer Betting Tips

FC Minsk, Belarusian team that occupies the 1st position of the Belarusian championship with 3 points in 1 game.

FC Minsk is a team that normally has quiet championships in this league, a team that we can call the middle of the table, as they have occupied those places in recent seasons.

Last year, they finished in 9th position. This year the championship started well, they won 3-1 at Belshina, who is possibly one of the most vulnerable teams in this league.

They were losing for the interval but a penalty opening the second half set the tone for the turnaround that happened in the 2nd half with 1-3 in favor of FC Minsk as a final result.

├Źn Dinamo Minsk, Belarusian team that occupies the 11th position of the Belarusian championship with 0 points in 1 game. Dinamo Minsk is a club with history, a club that in other years struggled to be champion.

Currently there are holes below Brest and Bate Borisov but they are always a team to take into account, for European competitions or even in the internal cups. Dinamo Minsk nevertheless had a false entry and lost 0-1 at home against Rukh Brest.

They conceded the goal in the 1st half and in the second half failed to realize the goal opportunities they had at their disposal. Now, the Derby of the city and a Derby that put some rivalry between these two teams now follow.

Conclusion: In the last two years that these teams have faced each other for the Belarusian league at FC Minsk, there have been two draws.

Balance has been the dominant note but here I think that Dinamo Minsk, who are a better team and have a more valuable squad, can and should make a difference.

Naturally, I was not indifferent to their defeat in the 1st round of this championship at home and then against a team that moved up in the division, but even so, in the Derbys and in the moments of greatest pressure, the great teams usually emerge and give a good response.

FC Minsk vs Dynamo Minsk Soccer Betting Tips

So I go from them but DNB protecting a possible draw here, which, as I mentioned, was the result that was verified in the last two seasons.

Betting Tips: Dynamo Minsk DNB
Odds: 1.35

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