IFK Stocksund vs Karlbergs Soccer Betting Tips

IFK Stocksund vs Karlbergs Soccer Betting TipsIFK Stocksund vs Karlbergs Soccer Betting Tips

In the pre-season of Swedish football some friendly matches continue to happen one of the active tournaments in this pre-season is from the city of Stockholm. This Tuesday two teams from different divisions meet in Danderyd, just outside Stockholm.

Both play in the same division equivalent to our fourth division and last season Karlbergs was in the second position of the series while Stocksund was in the third position.

Staying in second position, Karlbergs had to compete in a qualifying round with the seconds of the other series, but failed to climb to Ettan, equivalent to our Portuguese championship.

So the two teams will once again be in the same series and start this preparation phase with a clash between them.

The formation of Stocksund had predicted yesterday a friendly with Dalkurd that ended up being canceled.

On the other hand, Karlbergs has already had a tie for this Stockholm Cup against Angby in division 3 since the Karlbergs team won by an impressive nine balls in two.

Certainly in tomorrow’s game there won’t be as many goals as in Karlbergs’ last friendly, not least because here are two of the best teams in the Division 2 series Norra Svealand.

IFK Stocksund vs Karlbergs Soccer Betting Tips

In the last game between them there was only one goal but this is Swedish football from amateur divisions and that means a lot of goals even more so in a friendly game where there will certainly be tests. That’s why I believe here in several goals in this match.

Betting Tips: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.34

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